Friday, August 6, 2010

Can't take my eyes off or you.

So I don't know how I got so lucky with Rob. He really is the most amazing person in the world. He's my saving grace in all of this. My therapy appointments are going to make a lot of progress. (She did diagnose me. I have a low level depression. Which means I'm not dilapidated but it does effect my everyday life.) With Bret, and all the stuff with my family, not finding a job, or being able to pay my bills, and just all of the stuff that comes with being a broke ass college student. I have this horrid feeling I'm going to drown. And Rob stands next to me, and all he wants is to see is the girl he fell in love with and he sees her when he sees me smile. How do you tell someone that it takes a ton of weights to try and get you to smile? All he wants is me to smile. I love him. He told me that I just need to let the world fall around us, and just let us be an unbreakable force. I'm honestly really lucky to have him in my life. I wish I could just be that girl for him. I know that this therapy is going to make things so much worse before they get better. But I'm willing to do this so I can get better, for us and maybe myself.

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